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Digital Humidity Moisture Meter

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  • 0-99.9% Two pins digital wood moisture meter humidity tester timber damp detector 0.5% accuracy moisture meter test
  • Employ contact pin resistance to test, adopt high-precision electron components to test the moisture value on over one hundred kinds of common wood by group internally - in appearance, use ergonomics. It is easy and fast for user to use the meter to test with simple key operation mode and smoothable hand feeling
  • Can be used to test all kinds of wood paperboard and dry cargo - large lcd display of wood moisture value - built-in four kinds of patterns with precise testing - employ ergonomics design to adapt various special occasions
  • Electrode length: 10mm - measurement principle: electrical resistance - electrode pins: integrated - auto power off: after about 10 minutes
  • Wood species group: a: teak, walnut, afrormosia, rubber tree, imbuia, kokrodua, niove bidinkala, cork b: keruing, white poplar, beech, cedar, tola c: lauan, ash, elm, fir, maple, padauk oak, cherry d: basswood, larch, pine, birch
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